A prayer to start the day

I wrote a little body prayer to use in the worship my colleague Jody Branson and I led each morning at Synod School this year. I had meant to find one in a book or something to use for the week, but I forgot to do it. So on the first morning of the week-long family conference I sat outside at a picnic table and scribbled something in my notes. A few folk have asked for it, so I thought I’d post it. As we prayed we touched our heads, eyes, ears, etc. I would have done it responsively if I had written it in time to include in the slides. Feel free to use it as you wish. 
Open our minds – that your Spirit may fill us with wisdom and knowledge.

Open our eyes – that we will see you all around us.

Open our ears – that we will hear your Word.
Use our mouths – to speak messages of love.

Use our hearts – to be moved by compassion.

Use our hands – to serve with humility.